You’re stuck in sand or mud, need a tow, and you dread destroying yet another recovery strap. With Amanda Products' Speed Hook design, proven by years of testing, you will safely complete your tow, strap in place, intact, and ready for your next adventure. Unlike other tow hooks, Amanda’s Speed Hook allows multiple function towing capabilities. By quickly slipping the recovery strap through its eye and over its hook, you'll eliminate the need for shackles and prevent knots from forming. Even when an extreme tow calls for shackles, you can directly hook one to the eye of the Speed Hook. Made from durable, high-strength steel, the Speed Hook is robotically welded, heat-treated, available in bumper and receiver mount versions, and comes both unfinished and finished, either in black e-coat or chrome. Proudly engineered and manufactured in the U.S.A.


Amanda Products proudly partnered with Artec Industries to design and build our Ultra SS 4-seater offroad racing chassis for the SEMA Show.

With Crossed Up Customs fabricating the chassis, Ready 4 Rocks coordinating the build, and Artec performing final assembly, we ended up with one badass racing vehicle.

Working together, we are keeping our commitment to bring expertly engineered, USA-made products to the marketplace.


Indeed. You’re witnessing the birth of a rare 4-seater baja race vehicle about to hit the off-road circuit.



For Amanda Products, “Made in the USA” is not just a slogan. It’s a commitment. Every one of our products is expertly engineered, thoroughly tested, and professionally manufactured in Logan, Ohio at our parent company, Amanda Manufacturing.

At Amanda Manufacturing, we engineer and fabricate innovative parts for many original equipment manufacturers. Among the hundreds of metal-formed parts and assemblies we offer are: hood-prop rods, hood/door/seat strikers, muffler hangers, fender braces, manual shift assemblies and other tow hooks.

Amanda_logo_web_footerUniting its strong creative team with a long tradition of employee driven design, Amanda Products boasts a wide range of innovative off-road accessories. Our company is a new division of Amanda Manufacturing (formerly Amanda Bent Bolt), an original equipment supplier founded in 1978. Amanda engineers have always been industry leaders, currently producing more than 300 quality metal formed parts for automotive manufacturers. Amanda Manufacturing is a subsidiary of the Deshler Group, a global manufacturing and supply chain company.